MitrAssist’s Unique Approach to Mitral Regurgitation (MR) Treatment. MitrAssist has developed a new approach to treating MR that is neither repair nor replacement. Instead, its proprietary valve implant is placed on top of the natural valve to work in unison with it and to enhance valve functionality.

An Approach with Significant Advantages. MitrAssist’s “valve-in-valve” approach overcomes the various challenges of MR and offers an improved treatment solution for all MR patients. It has significant advantages over minimally invasive solutions – both existing and in development. The MitrAssist implant

  • preserves the natural mitral valve functionality;
  • causes minimal impact on heart physiology;
  • treats all types of MR;
  • conforms to the native mitral valve’s anatomical shape;
  • is designed for long-term results and suitable for patients of all ages; and
  • is easy to implant, dramatically decreasing the length of the procedure.

Made from biomedical and biological materials, MitrAssist’s valve offers improved biocompatibility and improved patient recovery time.

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